Ulatus.com Review

ulatus review

Ulatus.com is the translation arm of Crimson Interactive, a language solutions company. Its journey began with Crimson which was founded by team of entrepreneurs and English experts. Since inception, it has provided excellent language translation services. It continuously focuses on innovation, streamlining and setting benchmarks for translation industry which in turn compels established players to raise their game. Ulatus has now become a global business that provides specialized translation service in select language pairs.

The translation service that Ulatus.com provides helps its clients to communicate clearly, confidently and effortlessly. It will give you words that enable you to succeed in international markets. It has experts who ensure that your message is communicated powerfully and persuasively. They take you across borders breaking down cultural barriers to seamless connection with other persons on a global scale.

Every industry has specific terminology and nomenclature essential for conducting its daily activities. Ulatus uses correct industry specific terminology that is vital for conveying right meaning. It specializes in complex and high volume translations performed by a select team of expert translators who have essential industry expertise.

Why Ulatus.com

It has expert translators for various industries including:

  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Automotives
  • Life sciences
  • Banking
  • Media
  • IT
  • Business
  • Law
  • Advertising
  • Government

Most of translators are highly qualified with Masters or PhD degrees, current developments in their field and at ease to handle technical vocabulary to communicate the message fluently in simple confident language.

  • In-house English experts: Ulatus.com has over 100 English experts cum subject experts on site to polish English language to make translated work look like it was originally written in the language.
  • Choice of translation plans: Ulatus understands that different kinds of writing require different level of attention. It has a range of plans to suit your timescale, quality level and budget. It is a flexible service that even tailors translation processes to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Independent quality control department: A rigorous quality management system that is formulated by quality control division monitors performance of translators. Corrective measures are taken if a translator gets low score for work performance. This monitoring plus regular feedback from clients makes translators to improve continually.

Downside of Ulatus.com

Ulatus translation service is for select languages therefore it might not cater for all your needs if you require translating to multiple languages. Another downside is that you have to fill a contact page on Ulatus.com website for queries and without an option such as live chat, there is no guarantee of prompt feedback.

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