Review of translation service Review Basics

Translation Central is one of the professional translation services that is available online. However, like many of the other reliable translation services they do have a fee you will need to pay yet at the same time they offer you a free quote. They accept multiple credit cards and many people have left testimonials about their services praising their name.

Translation Central Top Services

  • Document translation, legal translation, and website translation
  • English, Spanish, French, and German translations just to name a few
  • Personal and business translation  is available Staff has been operating since 2004. All of their translation work is said to have been performed by someone who is native to the language that the translation work is pertaining to. Not to mention the fact that the manager of the company has a lot of credentials and one of their top clients is Google. Then, of course there is also the fact that they are a sponsor of a charity that helps children.

Translation Center Ratings and Reviews Found

Typing in reviews will lead you to stumble across a lot of reviews claiming that they are a trustworthy translation service. Also, when you look on their website you will find that their testimonials have all been positive as well.

Is a Scam?

Based on the reviews and testimonials that have been left about Translation Central it does not appear that they are a scam or fraud.