linguistsworld review


Linguists World is an India based translation service providing reliable, high quality and flawless translation service. In this era of online translation tools, it manages to provide quality by using human translators with skills to do accurate translating. It offers varying types of translation services from simple articles, informational pamphlets to most advanced technical documents. General translation services are among most common projects and it offers a wide variety of language options.

Basic translation projects are also common requests from clients in India and other parts of the world.

Most of the documents that Linguists World receives require translation from foreign language to something that clients can understand and share with others. It includes:

  • Blog entries
  • Letters and emails
  • Social network posts
  • Basic user manuals
  • Non-specialized company memos charges affordable are affordable prices that private individuals and small businesses can afford to enable them enjoy what used to be a reserve of wealthy people or larger companies.

Languages Translated by provided translation service for more than 50 languages including most common commercials languages and several unusual ones. Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Afrikaans and all major Europe languages are some of languages that it translates. Since it has a comprehensive database of carefully screened professionals, it can help with nearly all languages. If there is no professional for certain rare language, has extensive sources to find a qualified one.


Linguists World offers comprehensive scope of translation and related services including:

  • Dictation/transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Writing, editing and proofreading

It has designed all the above services to suit needs of new and return clients. This includes serving needs of private individuals, small businesses professional groups, multinational corporations and many more. professionals do their best to make each project a success.

  • Tested and proven translators: Every translator in the translation team has gone through and passed language specific test. Linguists World does thorough verification to ensure that it has right people on board. Such procedures ensure that only highly qualified and experienced translators do work for the clients.
  • Quality observance: All translation orders are assigned to experienced native linguists who can complete translation within a give time frame. After completion, the translated task is sent to a proofreader/editor of that language for quality check to ensure that that translation is accurate and high quality.

Downsides of

Clients can reach Linguists World through various platforms but do not have pleasure to use live chat which is good for instant communication. A visit to the website reveals that the content copyright is for years 2013 hence it could be long since it was last updated.

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