Exigotranslations.com Review

exigotranslations review

Looking for theĀ best translation services 2015? Have a look at our review and decide whether you’ve found it or not.

About Exigotranslations.com

Exigotranslations.com is a seasoned translation service that was established at Barcelona in 2006 before relocating to Oxford so as to concentrate on UK market. It is well established in translation sector in Europe mostly concentrating in UK and Spain with rapid increasing list of new clients.

It is a company that has made a mark in the industry with translators who have translated more than 100,000 words each. The bilingual staff doing the translation has more than 5 years experience in translating industry both at UK and abroad.

The principal aim of Exigotranslations.com is to provide professional translation services through qualified translators to individuals, smaller companies, government agencies and multinational organizations. It offers translation into 140 languages worldwide translating even in specialized fields.

Exigotranlations.com service included localisation, directly editing a website, adding language bars, changing language links and page.

It serves individual clients and corporate requiring:

  • Fast translation
  • Medical translation
  • Website translation
  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Engineering translation

Why Exigotranslations.com

Translation is only done by qualified translators who must be members of Institute of Translation and Interpreting or Chartered Institute of Linguists. These are 2 UK based organizations that set exams for translators who want to have professional qualification in translation for recognition by UK courts and Government. They have qualification to provide certified translations. Exigo Translations hires those who passed well in their translation exam and are specialists in particular field such as law, finance or medicine.

  • Proof reading: This is a requisite for translation industry and is a fairly standard thing at ExigoTranslations. It is part of translation process so when you get your price quote, it will be included automatically.
  • Advice on language translation: Certain areas/countries of world have unique regional language. Exigo offers advice on most appropriate language to give a client most natural translation suited to a specific region.
  • Fair pricing and discount: Translation prices are charged per word which is more transparent and exact that charging per page as some companies do. Additionally, customers get discounts for large texts exceeding 5000 words.
  • All document types: Exigotranslations.com accepts and delivers all types of documents in formats that can be edited without charging extra for formats that consume more time like some translation companies do.
  • Uniform service level: There are some companies that offer service of different levels including machine/statistical translation which is then edited by professional translators. Exigo Translations however does not offer this but rather does technical high end translations performed by qualified translator for all clients.

Downside of Exigotranlations.com

Although Exigotranlations.com promises translation services for more than 140 languages, it charges extra for languages not widely used.

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