ccjk review

About is a language translation services provider founded in 2000 therefore has been in business for substantial time. It is an ISO 90001:2000 Certified Professional language translations services provider. The service is provided by more than 5,000 active native speaking translators who are specialists in over 108 languages. Ccjk serves over 2000 clients situated at all corners of the globe. It has won their long term trust because of reasonable pricing, client oriented philosophy and quality services. The greatest appeal is provision of uncompromising quality at low rates.

Translation services provided by are for all the major languages in the world. It also covers languages that are not widely used such as Asturian, Arabic, Burmese, Bengali and Croatian. offers simple, quick and reliable translation for various fields under major industries including:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing

You can also get transcription, voiceover, subtitling and DTP services at


  • Professionalism: CCJK only assigns translation projects to handpicked certified native translators with necessary expertise. It rigorous but streamlined quality assurance system that incorporates structured translation, editing and proofreading workflow is in place and ensures client get best quality.
  • Responsiveness: A dedicated project manager is assigned the work to oversee each translation project and stay in touch with the client by providing progress reports or notifications if there are any changes. One of main commitments by is quick response to fulfill a promise to enable global e-business.
  • Punctuality: Out of understanding about what punctual delivery means to clients, CCJK is committed to complete translation within shortest turnaround time. Streamlining translation workflow has boosted productivity of the company and reduced project duration to minimum level. Affordable Pricing

CCJK understands that price matters. Due to years of experience combined with superior language expertise enables it to tailor economical translation services for wide array of clients worldwide. It calculates translation charges on per word basis. The rate is set according to language in question, nature of subject matter and turnaround time. Standard rates apply to most of language translations although surcharges might be added for industry specific or highly technical projects.

Price includes free translation samples, scanning of documents with up-to-date anti-virus software before delivery and maintenance of duplicate copy of translated work in backup system in case a client’s computer fails.

Downside of

One of terms is that it can delay delivery of projects charged regular prices and will not issue a refund. It only issues refunds to late delivery of urgent projects. For a project to be considered urgent, a client has to pay premium price that is usually more than regular price by 30-100%.

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